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canada goose After Christianity became widespread in Russia, their origin was somewhat retconned: these spirits came to be considered angels who fell but who were not evil enough to become demons. The type of spirit they became depended from the exact physical place where they did fall. For example, ones that fell into human homesteads became. Domovoi, the household spirits, similar to English house brownies or house elves from Harry Potter. The belief in domovois was very persistent and survives to the present day. canada goose

Canada Goose sale A side character named Kira (who turns out to be the second case’s culprit) is lowered into the flames, and then Maya Fey of all people ends up lowered into the flames when trying to save Espella from that fate. Both Kira and Maya show up alive anyway later on. Cry into Chest: When facing like it their first witch trial, Maya and Phoenix walk in on the end of the previous one, just in time to see the girl in question lowered into the flames; Maya buries her face in Nick’s chest, presumably sobbing in terror or sympathy for the (likely innocent) girl Canada Goose sale.